Youth Resource Deputies (YRDs) are sworn Deputy Sheriffs who are responsible for providing security services with the Putnam County School District and youth-focused crime prevention services community wide. YRDs provide a wide array of services. The three most typical roles of YRDs are safety expert and law enforcer, problem solver and liaison to community resources, and educator. In both the school and community setting, problem-solving involves coordinated efforts among administrators, teachers, students, parents, mental health professionals, and community-based stakeholders. YRDs frequently assist in resolving problems that are not necessarily law violations, such as bullying or disorderly behavior, but which are nonetheless safety issues that can result in or contribute to criminal incidents.

Helping resolve these problems frequently requires the YRDs to act as a resource liaison, referring students to professional services within both the school (guidance counselors, social workers) and the community (family service organizations). Building relationships between youth and law enforcement serve as an important means of developing our youth into crime-free, productive citizens. YRDs accomplish this mission through a number of programs including education, mentoring and athletic programs both on the school campus and in the community.