The overwhelming majority of registered sex offenders remain in compliance with court-ordered sanctions. Studies have shown that when sex offenders know they are being monitored, they are less likely to commit new crimes. The U.S. Department of Justice’s Comprehensive Approach to Sex Offender Management stands as the most effective strategy of preventing people convicted of sex crimes from re¬offending. The “Comprehensive Approach” involves members from multiple disciplines working in a collaborative effort to contain sex offenders as a means of ensuring victim and public safety and promoting offender accountability. The Sheriff’s Office partners with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Florida Department of Corrections, State Attorney’s Office, Putnam County School District and all municipal law enforcement agencies in Putnam County to ensure a successful comprehensive approach to sex offender management in Putnam County.

Members of the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office closely monitor all registered sex offenders residing in Putnam County. Monitoring includes, but is not limited to:

• Confirmation of an offender’s address and annual registration compliance through in¬-person contact with the offender.
• Ensuring that the data contained in state and national offender databases is accurate.
• Conducting frequent home visits and other compliance verifications to ensure that convicted sex offenders are in compliance with court-ordered sanctions
• Conducting criminal investigations when non-compliance is suspected
• Obtaining arrest warrants and arresting non-compliant offenders
• Disseminating detailed information to residents, day care centers, schools and other governmental agencies regarding the location and status of all convicted sex offenders.

Offender Compliance