law enforcement

Major Steve Rose

130 Orie Griffin Blvd, Palatka, FL

The Department of Law Enforcement provides full-service law enforcement for all visitors and residents of Putnam County. The many components of the department work in cooperation and range from responding to non-emergency and emergency calls for service, patrolling our communities, investigating crime, processing forensic evidence, monitoring sexual offenders and analyzing criminal intelligence information. The dedicated men and women of the Department of Law Enforcement are the first to respond to your call for service, investigate all crimes occurring in Putnam County and data-driven patrol function in your neighborhood. They often put themselves in harm’s way for your safety.

Law Enforcement Districts

Putnam County is divided into three distinct Law Enforcement Districts, each with an assigned District Commander.  This allows members of the Sheriff’s Leadership Team to be assigned throughout the county and be directly accountable to the citizens.  The District Concept facilitates a specialized approach to crime and quality of life issues in each of the unique Law Enforcement Districts.

law enforcement

Captain Hancel Woods

Central District Commander
130 Orie Griffin Blvd, Palatka, FL

The Central District serves the Palatka, East Palatka, Francis, Bardin, Bostwick, Rodman, and the Ocala National Forest communities.

law enforcement

Captain David Ussery

South District Commander
1196 US-17, Satsuma, FL 32189

The South District serves the Crescent City, Pomona Park, San Mateo, Satsuma, Welaka, Fruitland, and Georgetown communities.

law enforcement

Captain Chris Stallings

West District Commander
108 County Rd 315, Interlachen, FL

The West District serves the Interlachen, Melrose, Florahome, Hollister, Grandin, Johnson, Hawthorne, and Mannville communities.

Criminal Investigation Bureau

law enforcement

Captain Dominic Piscitello

Criminal Investigations Bureau Commander
130 Orie Griffin Blvd, Palatka, FL

The Criminal Investigations Bureau is comprised of the Major Crimes Unit, Property / Financial Crimes Unit, and Crime Scene / Evidence Section.

The Major Crimes Unit is charged with conducting the complex and thorough investigations associated with crimes against persons. Examples of cases assigned to the major crimes unit include homicide, robbery, aggravated assault/battery, child abuse and sex crimes. A specially trained Domestic Violence Detective and victim advocates are critical components of the Sheriff’s Office approach towards crimes against persons.The Major Crimes Unit is also responsible for the registering and monitoring of all sexual offenders residing in Putnam County.

The Property / Financial Crimes Unit investigates various crimes against property such as burglary, theft, vehicle theft, fraud, forgery, dealing in stolen property and identity theft. The Property Financial Crimes Unit also conducts all investigations involving second-hand dealers such as pawn shops and recycling businesses.

The Crime Scene / Evidence Section is responsible for the critical tasks of identifying, processing and collecting evidence on major crime scenes. This section also ensures the proper intake of evidence intake and maintains the security of all evidence until it is needed for court, or disposed of upon receipt of court orders for destruction.