Major Richard Harrell

Director of Corrections
130 Orie Griffin Blvd. Palatka, FL
(386) 329-0853


Captain Art Gipson

Deputy Director of Corrections
130 Orie Griffin Blvd. Palatka, FL
(386) 329-0427

The Department of Corrections is responsible for the management, accountability, and supervision of each and every inmate detained by the Sheriff. This requires supervising and coordinating every movement of 300 to 350 inmates on average. Our Corrections Deputies ensure the service of meals, recreation, visitation, inspections of housing areas for sanitation and security breaches, inmate counts and the transportation of inmates to court and other required outside locations. Through our contracted medical provider, the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office maintains an on-site medical clinic to ensure that the medical requirements of inmates are met within our state-of-the-art facility.

While incarcerated in the Putnam County Jail, inmates are encouraged to participate in programs to enhance their lives and prevent recidivism. The programs include religious services, mental health counseling, life skills, and educational opportunities. Qualified inmates may earn the status of “inmate worker”, which allows them to obtain valuable skills while working on inmate work squads, under the supervision of Corrections Deputies.

Corrections Response TeamCorrections K-9

The Corrections Response Team (CRT) is the Special Operations component of the Department of Corrections and Judicial Services. This team, comprised of highly trained and specially selected members, is responsible for transportation of high-risk prisoners, special security operations within the facility and controlling incidents of inmate unrest. The CRT also works in conjunction with Law Enforcement Special Operations Teams in mass arrest incidents.

Judicial Services Section

The Judicial Services Section consists of the Deputy Sheriffs designated as Bailiffs. To facilitate the safe and efficient functioning of the judicial system in Putnam County, the Judicial Services Section provides for the security of the Putnam County Court House as well as the safety of Judges, members of the jury and the citizens having business within the Court House. This section is also responsible for the safe and secure transportation of inmates to and from the court and jail.