Realizing the unique concerns arising from Putnam County’s robust agricultural industry and vast natural resources, Sheriff DeLoach created the agency’s Agricultural / Natural Resources Unit. This is a first of its kind for PCSO. Deputy Donny Jordan has been selected to fill this new position. Deputy Jordan’s duties include following up on criminal agricultural-related cases, assisting in missing or loose livestock incidents, working alongside Putnam County Animal Control to conduct criminal animal abuse and neglect investigations, working with state and federal agencies to see to the protection of our natural resources and conducting public education programs pertaining to agriculture and natural resources.Agricultural

Deputy Jordan will be focusing on the newly created Putnam County Ag Watch Program which allows farmers and ranchers to register their properties in order to assist the Sheriff’s Office in performing additional patrols of their lands, conducting criminal investigations and returning their at-large livestock in the case of fence failure or other incidents.

To participate in the Putnam County Ag Watch Program contact Deputy Jordan or click on the link below.

For more information on the Agricultural / Natural Resources Unit, Contact Deputy Donny Jordan at (386)329-0800 or