Major Johnny Greenwood

130 Orie Griffin Blvd, Palatka, FL

The Department of Administrative Services is responsible for the overall operations of the Office of Professional Standards, the Communications Center, the Civil and Warrants Section, the Records Section, Fleet Management and Uniform/Supply.

Office of Professional Standards

Encompasses Accreditation, Internal Affairs, Human Resources, Background Investigations, and Training.

Human Resources

Manages the new hire and internal selection processes, administers benefits programs, responsible for position control, job descriptions, maintains personnel records, and processes member separations.

Background Investigations

Investigates and develops the necessary information to ensure that applicant backgrounds are fully investigated while maintaining the confidentiality of the data gathered.

Internal Affairs

Internal Affairs investigates complaints filed against Putnam County Sheriff’s Office employees.


Evaluates policies and procedures and determines compliance with accreditation standards based on inspections and written documentation.


Plans, coordinates, and provides law enforcement training, career development, and continued educational opportunities for members.

Public Records

The custodian of public records for the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office is Major Johnny Greenwood. You may contact him via the following:

Phone: (386) 329-0820

Mail or In Person: Putnam County Sheriff’s Office, 130 Orie Griffin Blvd., Palatka, FL 32177

For further information regarding handling and responding to public records requests, what constitutes a public record, and copying and mailing costs, please contact Major Greenwood or the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office Records Section at (386) 329-0822.