Newly Formed Sex Offender Compliance Specialist is on the Road

Compliance Specialist

Putnam County, FL: The monitoring of sex offenders is now more comprehensive in Putnam County through a reorganization of resources initiated by Sheriff Gator DeLoach. A newly formed Sex Offender Compliance Specialist position has been created in the PCSO Criminal Investigation Bureau. The position was created without an increase in the Sheriff’s Office budget by eliminating an existing executive assistant position.

The Sex Offender Compliance Specialist will work in conjunction with the current offender compliance program as a means of providing critical intelligence for investigators by assessing risk-related changes in offender’s behavior. The Sex Offender Compliance Specialist will also work closely with schools and child care facilities located near the homes of sex offenders and will be instrumental in providing additional community education. This will not be an end to the frequent visits to offender’s homes by deputies; this will be in addition to the monitoring efforts currently in place. It remains an important aspect of every deputy sheriff’s duties to closely monitor the offenders residing in their assigned zones. This ensures that deputies remain familiar with the offenders and provides for close scrutiny of offenders routines and actions. Florida Statute dictates how often sexual predators and offenders are checked for residency and other restriction compliance.

The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office currently doubles the state-mandated number of compliance verifications and the addition of the newly created Sex Offender Compliance Specialist will only serve to strengthen those efforts and place an additional level of security between the citizens of Putnam County and sex offenders.

Sheriff Gator DeLoach said, “We refuse to allow Putnam County to become a safe haven for sexual offenders and predators. While we can’t control in which county they choose to live, we can certainly make Putnam County as inhospitable as possible for them.”


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