Jail Medical Contract Employee Arrested

Law Enforcement

Palatka, FL: Detectives with the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office have arrested a nurse employed by MTC Medical, which is a nation-wide corporation contracted to provide inmate medical care for inmates in the Putnam County Jail. Detectives charged forty-four-year-old Tina Anderson with ten counts of possession of a prescription medication without a prescription, five counts of theft, one count of practicing medicine without the proper license and one count of distributing Amphetamines.

The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office contracts with MTC Medical to provide comprehensive healthcare for all inmates within the facility including the dispensing of medication. All nurses and doctors who provide the medical care are employees of MTC Medical. Upon their release the remainder of an inmate’s the medicine is then returned to the pharmacy for a credit. The investigation began approximately three weeks ago when deputies discovered unusual activity surrounding the disposal of medication left over when inmates were released from jail.

During the investigation, Drug and Vice Unit Detectives were able to determine that Anderson unlawfully took antibiotics and other non-narcotic medication out of the jail. The medications were stolen from MTC Medical after the release of inmates. Anderson then dispensed some of the antibiotics to family members. The investigation also revealed that Anderson had a lawful prescription of her own for a narcotic medication and that she had on at least one occasion sold that medication to a family member. Following the completion of the investigation, detectives presented the case to the State Attorney’s Office and warrants were issued by a Circuit Judge.

The ten counts of possession of a medication were a result of Anderson’s possession of ten different kinds of medications that were not prescribed to her. Anderson’s nursing license does not allow her to dispense medication without a doctor’s order resulting in the charge of practicing medicine without a license. The unlawful removal of the medication from the possession of MTC Medical is considered theft and the count of sale of Amphetamine were added after the investigation revealed that Anderson had sold a portion of her prescription to another individual. This is an ongoing investigation.


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