Contract Jail Worker Charged and Arrested

Palatka, FL: Putnam County Sheriff’s Office Drug and Vice Unit Detectives have arrested an employee of Eagle Food Services, the company that provides meals for the inmates in the Putnam County Jail. Detectives arrested forty-three-year-old Regina Webb this afternoon and charged her with two counts of introduction of contraband into a correctional facility and two counts of sexual misconduct with an inmate. Both charges are third-degree felonies. Webb, who is an employee of a private vendor, was working in the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office Correctional Facility kitchen when the crimes occurred.

The investigation began when corrections deputies became aware of suspicious interactions between Webb and an adult male inmate who was assigned to work in the facility kitchen. During the investigation, detectives determined that Webb brought cigarettes to the inmate on at least two occasions. The PCSO correctional facility is tobacco-free and bringing cigarettes into the facility is considered introduction of contraband. The investigation also revealed that Webb engaged in consensual sexual intercourse with the inmate on two occasions inside the facility. Because Webb’s employment with the vendor placed her in a position of authority over the inmate, any sexual contact is a violation of Florida statute even if the act is consensual.

Webb was still being booked into the Putnam County Jail at the time of this release and her booking photo is not yet available. Webb is being held on a $20,000.00 bond. The status of Webb’s employment is a matter for the private vendor, but she will never be authorized to work within the Putnam County Jail again.

Sheriff DeLoach commented, “Although Webb is not an employee of the Sheriff’s Office, I demand that workers providing private contract services for the Agency adhere to the same ethical standards.”


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