East Palatka Woman Arrested after Filing False Report


Palatka FL: On Wednesday, April 26, 2017, at approximately 6:15 pm, Putnam County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to 233 San Juan Road in East Palatka in reference to the report of a car-jacking. When they arrived, 27-year-old Kristen Kayla Comer said an unknown black male had jumped into the driver’s seat of her Ford F-150 and drove away holding her in the vehicle against her will. Comer said the man drove her around East Palatka for the next several hours while threatening to rape her. After additional questioning, Comer’s story began to fall apart as the occurrence of events kept changing and the timeline failed to hold up. After being interviewed by detectives, Comer she fabricated the car-jacking story to conceal that she spent the previous night at an unknown location in Palatka and had discovered the truck missing upon awakening in the afternoon.

Comer was consequently placed under arrest for filing a false police report. While being searched incident to that arrest, a syringe filled with methamphetamine was discovered inside her bra. Comer was transported to the Putnam County Jail where she was booked on one felony count of the possession of methamphetamine, one felony count of perjury and one misdemeanor count of the possession of drug equipment. Comer is currently being held on a $5,500 bond.

In response to the incident, Sheriff Gator DeLoach said “Comer made a weak attempt to conceal her midnight tryst from friends and family. Comer wasted taxpayer dollars and valuable resources that should have been directed toward proactively arresting drug dealers and violent felons. I hope she goes to prison. That’s where she belongs”. Sheriff Gator DeLoach


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